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Why Overseas Investors Love the UK Property Market

For overseas investors, the UK presents some of the best property investment opportunities in Europe. Rising property prices, rents increasing, and a growing private rented sector, are only the tip of the iceberg.


Leading up to the EU Referendum experts predicted a fall in the pound. It was a victory for most overseas investors, with UK property values up to 20% cheaper on foreign exchange markets.

Since then the pound has remained volatile, with property representing excellent value for overseas investors. The UK leaving the EU with a deal, or extending Article 50 may see the pound may rise. So, investors could be rewarded by both higher valuations and any reversal in the pound’s value.


Many overseas investors find property near universities attractive due to strong demand from students and graduates.

Research by One and Only Pro showed the best university towns and cities for property investment are in the North and Midlands. Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester were all in the top ten.


With huge infrastructure projects underway including High Speed 2 (HS2) and Crossrail, the whole of the UK will benefit from reduced journey times. Which means more opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, and commuting workers.

Internationally the UK is a gateway to mainland Europe and the rest of the world by train, sea, and air. From London alone, you can fly to more than 350 destinations. Greater connectivity will invite investors to look for opportunities in both London and beyond.

Investor Confidence

Despite speculation overseas investors would flee the UK after the vote to leave the EU, investor confidence has remained strong.

Research by Censuswide found four in five prospective investors are keen to consider residential and commercial property investments in the UK.

55% of overseas investors said they believe the UK property market will be characterised as ‘good to very strong’ in the next 18 months. And when considering market trajectory over the next three to five years, the figure rose to 64%.


The UK is the world’s top investment destination, according to research by EY. The US, Germany, China, France, Canada, India, Australia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates rounded out the rankings top 10.

After the EU Referendum, the economy didn’t collapse, house prices didn’t fall by 30%, and companies have not flocked to the continent. The negativity surrounding Brexit has proven to be more detrimental than the referendum result, with the UK’s attractiveness barely diminished.

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