You could lose all your money invested in this product. This is a high-risk investment and much riskier than a savings account.

Why invest in UK property?

With the recent political turbulence and a pervading sense of uncertainty regarding the UK’s place in the world. Investors can be forgiven for questioning, why they should look to Britain for sustainable and lucrative assets.

A big reason is the property market, which has always been and remains, full of potential.

Beyond London

Traditionally London has been the centre of the UK’s investment ecosystem, but with the increasing price of building or buying property, looking and moving beyond the capital has become more attractive.

Specifically, the North of England where the property market has grown exponentially, providing investors with higher growth opportunities, yields and profits. Thanks in no small part to lower prices and costs of living.

Financial gains and savings, though, are far from all the North has to offer. The region is the UK’s land of opportunity.

With the Northern Powerhouse Partnership’s initiatives to revolutionise the area already underway, the North is spearheading innovation in: manufacturing, scientific research, and renewable energy. All of which will lead to job creation, a rise in education and skills levels, and ferment the region’s reputation as a trailblazer.

Not forgetting, the North will soon enjoy greater links between its cities and connections with the Midlands and the South, upon completion of HS2. Allowing for both commuters and tourists to travel the country with greater ease, boosting the region’s economy.

The North is a bastion of change and progress, that welcomes all seeking to embrace new pastures.


Other factors set to continue to prove attractive to investors are the build-to-rent and buy-to-let sectors.

The relatively new build-to-rent arena made up of purpose-built rental accommodation, has already attracted £2.4 billion investment, and is expected to grow by around 180% over the next five years.

Even in the face of changes to taxes and mortgages, the buy-to-let sector has shown its resilience, growing steadily. A trend which will be uninterrupted, with forecasts estimating a further 2% growth in the short-term.

With demand for housing persistently outpacing supply, investors in both areas will continue to benefit from stable, long-term income streams.

Rent Nation

As the UK becomes more crowded and with housebuilding at its lowest levels since the 1920s, the country has become a nation of renters.

The number of households renting in the private sector has doubled over the past decade, currently standing at 21% and set to rise to 24% in the next five years.

Amongst 25 to 29-year olds, home ownership has fallen from 55% in 1996 to 29% in 2015. Whilst over the same period the number of 30 to 34-year olds owning their own home has decreased from 68% to 45%.

Rising demand for housing, means that investors can take advantage of unique opportunities and progressive changes in the property sector, not only to their benefit but to that of potential tenants.

Especially in the build-to-rent area as the British public begin to favour co-living, large apartment blocks managed by a single company are a solution to the housing crisis and inspire confidence from investors and tenants alike. For investors they are a source of long-term income. Whilst, alongside lengthier contracts they offer tenants bespoke amenities, such as: gyms, cinema rooms, and communal lounges.

Investment in the UK, despite the doom and gloom of the current political climate, has never been more worthwhile. The property sector remains strong, with growth expected to continue well into the future. With a willingness to react to change, innovate, and progress, the UK property market is full of opportunity and potential.

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