You could lose all your money invested in this product. This is a high-risk investment and much riskier than a savings account.


Providing an excellent service and delivering for our clients is at the heart of our business, and we’re delighted with the fantastic feedback we’ve received from happy investors.

The team has delivered on their promises on 3 different property investments and I am extremely happy with them. The gift set was well received and a pleasant surprise - thank you. I wish Keystone the very best.

H Villier

Experienced 2 Exits now. Great company. Very clear in what the investment opportunity was and delivered exactly what they said it would. They have a positive history of results and don’t confuse you with jargon.

Dave O

I have been a client of Keystone for a couple of years and have found them to offer good investment options, without being too pushy, and have provided good ongoing support.

Mrs J Beal

I have been a client since 2016 and have been very pleased with the service and returns provided to me in that time. I have found Jason to be very thorough and informative.


For the last Eighteen Months, I was extremely lucky to encounter and be assured by a great and helpful Mr. Vincent Ricks.He kept me informed from time to time and task was successfully completed.I had to state my real appreciations and to show my complete trust endeavoured on another investment.

Fred Sway

Since my first investment, the Keystone Property team have taken the time to explain every detail and question I have had. Over the years, I have invested in few projects with Keystone. The investment process was quick and simple. I look forward to further good investment returns with Keystone.

Mr M Olech

I cannot speak highly enough of Keystone. My account manager Vincent Ricks is excellent. Knowledgeable, personable and not pushy in any way. He just gives you all the information you need to make a quick decision. I have invested on 3 occasions and the returns have been honoured and payments made on time. Would not hesitate to recommend this company!

Julie M

Keystone Property Group Client for almost two years, and so far very satisfied with the higher than average investment returns and Keystone administrative staff and Consultant Luke Smith, who has been very attentive and supportive this year. My investments have resulted in very good returns, and expect Keystone to continue to grow and provide excellent service to its clients.


As an investor I get lots of opportunities every day, but I have to be sure I choose the right partner when making the choice of who I am going to trust. I have been an investor with Keystone Property Group since June 2016. From day one they have been first class. They always answer my questions promptly and are quick to respond to my emails and most importantly, delivered on what they said they set out to do within the timeframes agreed. During my time I have dealt with a number of people who are professional, honest and do not over-promise anything, which is the best way to conduct business. I am sure I will continue to work with Keystone on future projects and I would recommend others to give them the opportunity to tell you about the business and forthcoming projects. Thank you.

Mr R Ghai

Ever since I started using The Keystone Property Group my mind has been put at rest as when One invests their families life savings it something that can be only done once as if it goes T#Ts up all one has worked for in Their life has Gone, with Keystone this has never being the case, from Desmond to Chelsea with Jason & Wes in the middle I have being looked after all the way, Jason is my investment adviser and I would say His advise is worth listening to, Why ? because from the beginning of the investment through to its maturity Jason is Transparent, He explains what the investment will achieve, during the term he stays in touch giving updates, when the term is due he calls again and informs you that the interest/Capital payback date is underway and will be transferred into the nominated bank account on the contract date, "this always occurs", so Keystone Property Group, should you use them? I'm not one to advise but would say YES 100%.


I have been an investor with the Keystone Property Group for just over a year. To simply say that I have been impressed would be an understatement. From my initial contact with the organisation I have never been hard sold anything - what I have been is enlightened and provided with the opportunity to invest. Leigh Hyldon has been outstanding : his infectious enthusiasm for the Group's performance balanced with a degree of cautious realism based on his many years in the investment business has undoubtedly provided me with the confidence to invest in and subsequently enjoy the magnificent returns from the Keystone Property Group - 18% on my initial investment. Regular updates via comprehensive news letters keep me informed regarding both existing projects and new investment opportunities. Communication at all levels is absolutely first class and I have always felt valued as an individual and an investor. Consequently I trust this Group with my money and to date I have had no reason to doubt them. Their administration systems are excellent. Whist I recognise there is a team, I have to say Chelsea Sadler further inspires confidence in this area - all queries are answered very swiftly and comprehensively, in my experience on a same day basis, I summary I am very grateful for the insight which has provided me with the confidence and trust to invest and enjoy the financial rewards from the Keystone Property Group. I look forward to additional investments in the future.

Andrew Carr

I am a cautious investor. I had never invested such a large amount of money before with a company. I liked the concept of investing in property bonds which I had done well with previously. I found Keystone Property Group and invested £30,000. I found the person I was dealing with to be extremely helpful. They kept in touch with me all the way through the term of my investment, informing me of the development as it was progressing. Afterwards, I re-invested in another project with a larger sum of money feeling confident and very happy with Keystone.

Lynne Page

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