New Launch- Flexible Income Loan Note

23 Jul

New Launch- Flexible Income Loan Note

Due to investor demand, we’re delighted to be launching the Flexible Income Loan Note; a must have for all types of investors looking for unique property investment opportunities.

The Flexible Income Loan Note is a new opportunity which allows you to invest side by side with an award-winning developer that has a proven track record. This investment offers a minimum 10% return per annum, income every 3 months, and annual bonuses over a minimum term of 12 months and a maximum of 7 years.

✅ Fixed Returns – Minimum 10% per annum (not including bonus payments).

✅ Income paid quarterly.

✅ Term 1-7 years.

✅ Annual Bonus Payments.

✅ Security – Corporate Guarantee on 100% of Capital / Debenture held by Trustee.

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