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Keystone Heads to India

Keystone are heading to the Oli Academy in Vellore, India. The Oli Academy is a school that provides medical based diplomas to some of the country’s most disadvantaged and gives them an opportunity to work in the local hospital.

We’re raising funds so the Oli Academy can purchase the medical supplies they need, and to support their students’ education. The school relies entirely on charitable donations and is currently home to 48 students, just £100 funds a student’s education for an entire year.

While we’re in Vellore, we’ll be visiting the school and hospital, going to orphanages, delivering medical supplies to remote villages, and traveling to medical camps.

Keystone has sponsored a young girl, so that she can complete her education at the Oli Academy. Donations to better the lives of Vellore’s young people can be made personally, as a company or as a gift for someone else. The diploma the young person earns will then be presented in your or your company’s name.

As well as supplies and students’ education, donations also go towards advancing the school’s development, including: building extensions, new computer systems, and educational resource.

We’re immensely proud to assist the school in their mission and have already managed to raise an incredible amount but with your support, we can truly help the Oli Academy change lives.

All donations are welcome, so please follow this link to find out more:

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