How Our Flexible Income Loan Note Beats Other Investment Opportunities

22 Aug

How Our Flexible Income Loan Note Beats Other Investment Opportunities

It can be difficult to find an investment option that caters to your needs and fits your strategy. Our Flexible Income Loan Note is a unique opportunity which has something to offer all types of investors.

Fixed Return

You’re guaranteed a minimum return of 10%, or 2.5% every quarter over 12 months, not including bonuses. Which means the fixed-rate return is agreed by contract before your investment begins. And it won’t dip lower.

Quarterly Income

The Flexible Income Loan Note supplies you with a steady stream of income from your investment. You can either choose to receive interest payments every quarter or annually.

Choice of Term Length

With a choice of term-length between 12 months and 7 years, you can make an informed decision on whether to invest in the short or mid-term depending on your goals.

Lower Point of Entry

Our Flexible Income Loan Note lets investors access the UK property market but by investing a smaller amount compared to traditional property investment. And you can invest for as little as £10,000 without having to worry about additional costs such as stamp duty or conveyancing fees.

Trusted developer

You’re investing alongside a leading UK developer with an impressive track record and pipeline of upcoming projects. The developer is behind high-quality, high-profile Build-to-Rent complexes across the UK’s major cities, including Newcastle, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Secure Asset-Backed Investment

The Flexible Income Loan Note is secured and a debenture over the developer’s assets, a form of security that isn’t restricted to land alone. This is held by a third party ‘Security Trustee’ on behalf of all investors. The Trustee is responsible for the administration, recovery or enforcement of the security.

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