You could lose all your money invested in this product. This is a high-risk investment and much riskier than a savings account.

Glossary Of Terms

  • A Shares  - A class of shares which have specific rights attached to them, as set out in a company’s articles of association.
  • AAPR - Annualised Average Percentage Rate, sometimes referred to as the comparison rate. This figure takes into account all the costs associated with the loan and is used to compare loan products.
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage - A homeowner has an adjustable-rate mortgage if their interest rate fluctuates at predetermined intervals throughout the course of their loan.
  • Amortisation period - the length of time a loan is calculated over and repaid.
  • Amortization - Mortgage payments are amortized when they include both interest and principal payments, allowing the borrower to start building equity from the very first payment.
  • Angel Investors - Investors who provide investment and other support to early-stage businesses. Traditionally angels are wealthy individuals who have a significant amount of entrepreneurial, industry or investment experience.
  • Angel Network (or Angel Syndicate) - A group of angel investors that pool together money and other resources to invest in, and provide support to, early-stage businesses.
  • Annualised Return - Average return each year over the minimum term, based on the total of rental income and estimated capital growth.
  • Appraisals / Valuations - a written report of the estimated value of a property, usually prepared by a valuer appointed by the purchaser’s lender.
  • Articles of Association - A company document that sets out its management and administrative structure. The articles dictate the internal affairs of the company such as director and shareholder rights, the issue and transfer of shares, and the organisation of meetings.
  • Assessed Value - The value of a property determined by a public assessor for tax purposes.
  • Asset Class - A class of economic property that has similar characteristics. Listed shares, government bonds and real estate are all asset classes.

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