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Does Keystone offer any taxation advice?

Keystone Property Group does not offer any taxation advice under any circumstances . We ask investors to seek professional taxation advice.

Who can invest?

Any individual who is over the age of 18, or a trust, company, or charity that is not prevented by the laws of its governing jurisdiction from doing so. Investors must, however, reside outside the U.K., our opportunities are not available to U.K. residents.

What does Keystone Property Group do?

At Keystone Property Group we act as a trusted agent on behalf of the developers we work with. We also source our own exclusive property developments of which are available to non and qualifying property investors. We offer distinctive and choice services to developers and an extensive network of international property investors. By bringing the two together, both parties are rewarded by services provided in direct correlation to key criteria which each require: development, development acquisition, and exclusive access to developer lever returns respectively.

What sectors does Keystone Property Group operate in?

From key redevelopments, developments, to fully stabilised operational assets offering income, we know that performance and delivery is key. Through proficiently researched and carefully planned property opportunities, we bring property developers and overseas investors together. By bridging the gap we are continuously adding value and revenue to all aspects of our business.

Does Keystone accept, handle &/or deal in clients funds?

We do not, under any circumstances, neither handle nor manage any customers’ funds. Investors invest directly with the developer.

Does Keystone offer financial advice?

Keystone Property Group does not offer any financial advice. We provide information, acting as a conduit between the developer and investor, only. We ask investors to seek professional advice as and when necessary.

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