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For three years, we’ve worked with top UK property developers to deliver homes on various sites across the UK.

2019 Summary

  • 4 Site Acquisitions
  • 4 Project exits
  • £18 Million Invested
  • 20.7% Average Return

Do you have a development or opportunity that needs customers, buyers, end users or funding?

For three years, we’ve worked with top UK property developers to deliver homes on the sites they have already purchased and purchase further sites and expand their business. With well researched, and carefully planned property opportunities, we act as a bridge between developers and investors residing outside the UK.

Keystone Property Group focus is sourcing and providing international project capital to developers for significant development in the residential and commercial property sector, mostly Private Rental Schemes (PRS). Property investors lend the developer funds to purchase an identified site, and the site is then sold &/or developed.

Keystone Property Group’s global network and business development department can provide significant assistance by unlocking key development finance, and/or key sales of units to an international market. Our multifaceted service offers marketing solutions, sales solutions, and more to find you the best route to market.

To date, we have worked across a broad range of property-based opportunities, including:

  • Residential Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Developer-Level site acquisitions
  • Managed Property Solutions
  • Regeneration
  • Redevelopments

Our Focus

Keystone Property Group enjoy the benefits of working with award winning developers, and, providing a crucial service to assist with developer lending in the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

Essentially PRS build-to-rent housing are developments where all the properties are built for rent, and not sale. Currently 20% of the population live in the private rented sector, and forecasts predict that in 15 or 20 years time more people will rent than own their homes in the UK. This is caused by a lack of affordable ‘built for sale’ housing stock, and so to meet demand, there needs to be new solutions.

These exclusive purpose-built developments allow property investors to essentially invest side by side with developers at the initial development stage, ultimately providing the ability to realise a much higher (and secured) return and also, one that is typically realised over a much shorter time frame.

Why work with Us

Keystone Property Group provide a unique and exclusive service to developers, which is designed to suit you. Here are some of the reasons why we make an impressive partner:

100% Track Record

Since 2016, we’ve participated in the acquisition of 10 development sites and fully exited 7 development opportunities. We’ve seen every project through to completion meeting financial targets, quickly finding developing and enacting solutions, and making sure exclusive one-off opportunities reach their intended audience.

Global Network of Agents and Investors

Keystone Property Group has a network of agents and investors reaching from the UK across Europe to the Americas, the UAE, and Asia. Through our network our agents showcase the potential of high-quality property developments to award market-beating returns.

Projects Across Major UK Cities

Over three years, we’ve built a catalogue of projects spanning the entirety of the UK seeing the potential not only for development in major cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle but also towns undergoing mass regeneration, such as Doncaster.

Effective Collaborator

We provide a comprehensive service across every aspect of our joint venture development projects from design to development to sales to marketing. Our multi-purpose approach means we are fully committed to effectively delivering every opportunity.

Understand the Market

From purpose-built rental accommodation to commercial units, we understand the needs of the UK and local markets, and use our knowledge of micro and macro economic factors to enhance every property opportunity.

Attract Buyers and Partners

With our experience, active network of agents and buyers, and our skilled marketing department, we have the ability to truly and uniquely capture the attention of the market and provide your development with global exposure.

Comprehensive Service

We offer effective transparent solutions based on your needs. As a developer, you may need vital project funding, &/or sales, and with our combined experience of more than 150 years, this is only the beginning of what Keystone Property Group can provide what.

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