Restricted Investors, High Net Worth Investors, and Sophisticated Investors

Restricted, high-net-worth, or sophisticated? We explain three types of investor and self-certification.   Restricted Investor  What is a restricted investor?  A restricted (or everyday) investor is someone who hasn’t and won’t invest more than 10% of their net assets per year in shares, bonds, funds or other securities not listed on a stock exchange. To certify […]

Ten Good Reasons to Invest with Keystone

We have a track record of successful investments. Over three years, Keystone Property Group have 7 fully exited investments under our belt. While our investors have welcomed an impressive average annual return of 20.7%. Fixed returns. Our developer-lending private-rented sector projects, property bonds, and loan notes all offer a fixed return. You know exactly the […]

Ten Good Reasons to Join Keystone Property Group’s Network

Your clients are your clients. Network members can bring their own client-base with them or build from scratch. Throughout the investment, you’ll be the one to stay in touch with your client. You can earn a lot. Keystone Property Group’s agents and partners earn a good commission, way above industry standard. Exclusive property investments. Our […]