Build-to-Rent and Planning Permission

According to research by Savills the number of completed Build-to-Rent (BTR) developments was up 29% annually at the end of Q4 2018, with the number of under-construction developments rising by 39% on 2017, and an additional 10% in the planning stages. To encourage more BTR developments, the planning process has been simplified. Here’s how: Longer […]

Loan Note Terminology

Loan Note investments are a popular means of investing in the UK’s alternative investment sector. Investors can purchase Loan Notes with an interest in investment areas, such as property. Loan Notes are flexible for developers and provide security, and strong returns to investors. So are, increasingly attractive for both parties. Here are some key terms […]

What is a Loan Note?

Essentially, a Loan Note is the extended form of an IOU. Investors lend their capital to a property developer, and over a set period the funds are paid back with a fixed rate of interest. For investors, Loan Notes take away the months of research (identifying a location, finding tenants) of traditional property investment, and […]