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Cities to Invest: Newcastle

From the moment it became one of the first cities in the world to use electric lighting, Newcastle has been at the forefront of innovation.

The city has seen the development of safety lamps, Stephenson’s Rocket, Swan’s light bulb, and Charles Parsons steam turbine.

It’s not only in science and engineering that Newcastle has led the world, in 1838 Bainbridge’s, the first department store opened its doors; and as the 20th Century dawned Be-Ro flour was born.

Throughout the 19th Century, Newcastle was at the centre of the Industrial Revolution, leading in coal mining, ship building, munitions, engineering, and manufacturing.

Today, the capital of the North East is a different and ever-changing place, that has had to embrace other industries, predominantly services and retail.

As always, though, the city has had its eye on the future and is a leader of the rapidly expanding digital sector.

One of only six ‘Science Cities’ in the UK, Newcastle is the fastest growing tech hub outside of London, and a symbol of innovation and creativity. Worth £1.25 billion to the local economy and home of The Sage Group PLC, the UK’s only FTSE 100 software company, the city’s digital industry is thriving.

Key to Newcastle’s success as a pioneer in the digital age, is The Helix; a 24-acre, £350 million development that will house: state-of-the-art research facilities, bars, restaurants, cutting-edge buildings, and über-modern homes.

The Helix will be the address of Newcastle University’s Urban Sciences Building, otherwise known as the Biosphere. Inside laboratories and offices, researchers will work on new technologies and practical solutions for digital advancement and global sustainability.

Not far from The Helix will stand Hadrian’s Tower, the city’s soon-to-be tallest building. Twenty-six storeys of luxurious living, the Tower will offer a range of bespoke amenities to residents, including: cleaning services, a cafe, a launderette, wi-fi and high-speed broadband, a concierge, and exclusive access to the sky lounge on the 25th floor.

Hadrian’s Tower could be joined by another colossal construct in the form of The Whey Aye. A massive wheel that would dwarf the London Eye and be the centrepiece of a Spillers Wharf development set to include; restaurants, bars, a virtual golf course, tennis courts, and five-a-side football pitches.

Newcastle is ahead of the curve, and the only constant is its continuous evolution. Always moving forward, the city has incredible opportunities for investors with a vision.

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