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04 Jul

Commercial Property Trends

Customer First Co-working spaces and serviced offices were amongst the most popular commercial property investments from 2016 to 2018. And there’s no sign growth of the market is set to stall. The UK is one of the biggest markets globally for flexible workspace, as businesses move and adapt at a faster rate, they have differing […]

04 Jul

Residential Property Trends

Consumer Confidence Due to political uncertainty and buyer caution, property prices look to be dictated by buyer confidence, rather than affordability. According to Q1’s Halifax Housing Market Confidence Tracker measured by Ipsos MORI, consumer confidence in the outlook for the housing market bounced back to a net balance of +64 in March, from +60 in […]

04 Jul

Build to Rent and US Multifamily

Build-to-Rent (BTR) developments are a relatively new phenomenon revolutionising the UK property market, that have gained momentum and risen in popularity over the last five years. They’re specifically designed for renters, providing high-quality homes with modern amenities in primarily city centres.  Purpose-built rental accommodation may be new to the UK, but the model has been […]

04 Jul

Our Investment Opportunities

Keystone Property Group offer investors a range of both traditional and alternative property investment options that award you with above standard returns. Here are some of the investment options available to you, that have the potential to enhance your financial future. Developer Lending (Private Rented Sector Projects)   New research shows that by 2021, the […]

23 Jun

Why invest with Keystone Property Group?

Maybe you’re an experienced investor looking for an alternative way to access the UK property market. Maybe you’re a novice investor taking steps to build your portfolio.  We’re certain we’ll have the investment opportunity you’re looking for. Here are some of the reasons why:  Our team are experienced professionals. With an average of over 20 [...]
23 Jun

Keystone Property Group and High Street Group Event

On 16th July, we’re delighted to be joining one of our developer partners, the High Street Group, at an event in London. The event will give attendees an insight into how our investment funds allow for site acquisitions, profits, and how the Build-to-Rent private rented sector model works for property developers and investors. As well […]

20 Jun

How Our Referral Scheme Works

Word of mouth is one of the quickest ways to get information out there. And we want you to tell everyone about your investment experience with Keystone Property Group. That’s why if you know anyone who may be interested in our investment options and refer them to us, we’ll send you a £250 Amazon gift […]

06 Jun

Why join our network?

Professional networks are an indicator of the changing market, and a way for small, medium, and independent businesses to connect and act on the global stage. Keystone Property Group’s network is cohesive, tightly integrated, with a defined identity, network members can effectively serve the needs of clients with cross-border interests. Here are some of the […]