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25 Jan

Cities to Invest : Manchester

Greater Manchester is the largest UK economic area outside of London with £56 billion gross value added (GVA). More than 80 of the FTSE 100 have a presence in Manchester, and the number of the world’s biggest companies making the city their home is growing. Fuelled by a 70% graduate retention rate, the city consistently […]

15 Jan

3 Technologies Transforming the Property Sector

Technology is transforming the way we do business. As with any other industry, there are several technologies that seek to refine and reinvent the property sector for the digital age. Green Tech Environmental concerns have dominated the headlines for the past decade, and as other sectors have had to adapt to new legislation and refine […]

15 Jan

Build-to-Rent and the Private Rental Sector

With demand for housing outstripping supply, the UK is at the centre of a housing shortage caused by a lack of affordable built-for-sale housing stock. It’s estimated that 300,000 properties are needed per year, more than double the 125,000 the UK currently builds. 20% of households live in the private rented sector, and in the […]

15 Jan

What does Brexit mean for UK property?

The question that continues to be asked, and rightly so – “Is the UK investable today given the Brexit risk that overhangs it?” Granted, we do not have a crystal ball and it is difficult to state our estimations in terms of the UK’s exit from the European Union, and the subsequent economic impact. However, […]

21 Dec

London Marathon

We’re thrilled to announce that in 2019, we’ll be taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon, Sunday 28th April on behalf of a charity that is close to our hearts, Age UK Sheffield. The local branch of Age UK; a charity dedicated to its vision of making the UK a great place to grow […]

20 Dec

4 Principles of Property Investment

Property investment can seem intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. You want to make the best of it but there’s a lot to consider and a long journey ahead. So, here are 4 principles, that will help you to move forward and develop in the world of property investment. Buy at a discount This […]

11 Dec

How Millennials Are Changing Property

Hardly a week goes by without a sensationalist headline offering millennials unwanted and unhelpful advice on saving a deposit for a property. They should stop eating avocados or buying sandwiches. They should spend their weekends indoors without Netflix or Amazon Prime. Coffee and mobile upgrades are to be avoided. Every piece of advice is geared […]

10 Dec

5 Property Investment Myths

There are many property investment myths out there that deter potential investors and popularise disinformation. Being aware of them can better help you understand property investment, and your goals. Here are 5 of the most persistent myths exposed: MYTH #1- ONLY FOR THE RICH To be clear, you do need money to invest in property […]

01 Dec

What is ‘due diligence’?

‘Due diligence’ is a much-used and sometimes misunderstood term in investment, so what does it mean when it comes to investing in a property? Essentially, ‘due diligence’ is an investigation you should perform to evaluate an investment property before you buy it. This process is invaluable as it will give you an idea of the […]