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11 Apr
House Prices and the Economy

House Prices and the Economy

The housing market is the name given to buying a house to live in or as an investment. House prices are linked to consumer spending. When homeowners are better off and more confident, they borrow more against the value of their home to supplement a pension or pay off other debt. This means that property […]

11 Apr
6 Benefits of Loan Note Investments

6 Benefits of Loan Note Investments

Loan Notes are becoming the most popular form of alternative investment in the UK’s property sector. With increased affordability and free from the challenges of traditional property investment, Loan Notes offer investors a structured package designed to provide a regular flow of income and long-term returns. Here are just six benefits of Loan Note investments: […]

28 Mar

Case Study: Investing in The Private Rented Sector

Introduction Buy-to-Let (BTL) has been the go-to-option preferred by many property investors for decades. However, with government policy in some cases making the sector less attractive, an alternative has emerged in the form of hands-off investment in the purpose-built rental apartment market. Here we look at some of the factors contributing to the rise of […]

16 Mar

7 Features of Property Hotspots

The decades old trend of London and the South East surpassing investment in the rest of the UK is being reversed. Regional cities are proving more attractive to investors, due to their thriving economies and Brexit-proof potential. Here’s what to look out for to identify a regional hotspot: Population Growth Population rises create higher demand […]

12 Mar

Explaining Three Year Tenancies

The government have placed 3-year minimum term tenancies at the forefront of their plans to make the private rented sector more secure for tenants. Under a 3-year agreement, with a 6-month break clause, tenants would be able to leave before the end of the minimum term but would have greater protection if they wanted to […]

02 Mar

6 Reasons to Invest in Build-To-Rent

The landscape of the private rented sector has changed over the past five years. Once dominated by Buy-to-Let landlords, the private rented sector has seen a new status quo emerge, as investor and developer led Build-to-Rent schemes grow in popularity. Here are some of the reasons why investors should look to the emerging market for […]

22 Feb

PIS Spring 2019

After making our debut at the autumn 2018 Property Investor and taking home the prize for ‘Best in Show.’ Keystone are headed back to the ExCel, London for the spring Property Investor Show on April 12-13. Our stand will include: exclusive new premium PRS property investment opportunities, the return of the Keystone cocktail bar, a […]