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Here you’ll find our latest blog posts about the UK property sector, trends, and general information.

House Prices and the Economy

The housing market is the name given to buying a house to live in or as an investment. House prices ...
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Case Study: Investing in The Private Rented Sector

Introduction Buy-to-Let (BTL) has been the go-to-option preferred by many property investors for decades. However, with government policy in some ...
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7 Features of Property Hotspots

The decades old trend of London and the South East surpassing investment in the rest of the UK is being ...
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Explaining Three Year Tenancies

The government have placed 3-year minimum term tenancies at the forefront of their plans to make the private rented sector ...
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6 Reasons to Invest in Build-To-Rent

The landscape of the private rented sector has changed over the past five years. Once dominated by Buy-to-Let landlords, the ...
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