About Us

Who We Are

Keystone Property Group operates a comprehensive property service to develop exceptional UK residential and commercial investment property in a joint venture with our experienced and proven partners. Our unique approach ensures we have an integral role in every development.

The members of the group have participated in the development and delivery of numerous financial and property based investments, in both retail and commercial property throughout UK and Europe.

Keystone Property introduces opportunities robust enough to meet the demands of the modern investment market.
We are dedicated to working with the very best people and companies in their field. From construction to design to delivery, our partnership strategy will ensure our products offer investors access to high-quality property opportunities and attractive investment returns.

What We Do

Keystone Property Group provides a unique and exclusive service to both developers and a vast network of national and international property investors alike. By bringing the two together, both are rewarded by services provided in direct correlation to key criteria which each require: development acquisition and development, and, exclusive access to developer level returns respectively.

Our Team provides access to high-quality property investments created in partnership with some of the leading companies around the world. Each opportunity is hand-picked, with high yields and robust investor security as the building blocks.

Whether it is a key redevelopment or development, or, a fully stabilised operational asset offering income (managed tenanted residential and commercial property, for example), performance and delivery are key. With well researched and carefully planned property opportunities, we bridge the gap between developer and property buyer investor, all the while adding value and revenue.

In short, we partner with developers and property investors, both of whom are seeking that specific, successful service in order to boost their business, &/or, their portfolio.

  • Keystone is well positioned to source investment opportunities yielding superior risk-adjusted returns due to its ability to access proprietary and privately negotiated “off-market” transactions.
  • By capitalising on our network of quality developers, domestic institutions, corporate, professional advisers and High Net Worth individuals, Keystone will be able to identify and pursue opportunities before they are available to the market.
  • Each of our developer projects is hand-picked, with high yields and robust investor security as the building blocks.
  • Knowing that quality comes as standard is reassuring to both investors and partners alike, and will attract repeat business many times over. In turn, this provides a valuable database of eager clients who recognise the quality of the investment opportunities and the level of service we will provide.
  • The presentation of information is always structured towards allowing our clients to make an informed decision. Putting our clients’ interests first is at the core of our philosophy.
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