Godwin Capital – 2 Year Loan Note

Established in 2003, Godwin Developments clients include Starbucks, McDonalds and Costa. The Group has now released a new Loan note instrument offering fixed returns of 10% - 12% per annum.

Investors are able to invest in this property loan note on a 2-year fixed period with a first legal charge security, an asset backed investment opportunity that offers the investor income &/or growth.

The business focuses on residential and commercial property development opportunities within an area mainly bordered by the key cities of Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and Cambridge, therefore encompassing the largest population centres in the Midlands.

Investment Highlights
Minimum investment of only £5,000
Partners include Lidl, Aldi and McDonalds
Deferred option pays 12% per annum
Income option pays 10% per annum
Secured – Security Trustee and a first legal charge
£10m raise

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Why They Choose Us

As an investor I get lots of opportunities every day but I have to be sure I choose the right partner when making the choice of who I am going to trust. I have been an investor with Keystone-Property.com since June 2016. From day one they have been first class. They always answer my questions promptly and are quick to respond to my emails and most importantly, delivered on what they said they set out to do within the timeframes agreed. During my time I have dealt with a number of people but mainly with Wesley Jay who is professional, honest and someone who does not over-promise anything, which is the best way to conduct business. I am sure I will continue to work with Keystone and Wes on future projects and I would recommend others to give them the opportunity to tell you about the business and forthcoming projects. Thank you – Raj Ghai

I am a cautious investor. I had never invested such a large amount of money before with a company. I liked the concept of investing in property bonds which I had done well with previously. I found The Keystone Group and invested £30,000. The return was 20% for 10 months. I found the person whom I was dealing with to be extremely helpful. They kept in touch with me all the way through the term of my investment informing me of the development as it was progressing. However the project did over run by six weeks so I was paid another 5%. I was always kept informed and when the development had completed my initial investment and profit was duly paid into my account. Afterwards I re-invested in another project with a larger sum of money feeling confident and very happy with Keystone – Lynne Page

“Since my first investment, the Keystone Property team have taken the time to explain every detail and question I have had.Over the years, I have invested in few projects with Keystone. The investment process was quick and simple.I look forward to further good investment returns with Keystone” – Marcin Olech

“I have been a client of Keystone for a couple of years and have found them to offer good investment options ,without being too pushy.” –Janet Beal